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Horse Industry Handbook: A Guide to Equine Care and Management
A tremendous resource book written by equine experts and professionals. This book covers horse care from A-Z. Used widely in youth competitions, this resource is a must-have for adult horsemen. Makes a great gift as well. Order yours today! (New orders include updates listed below.) Price: $79.  
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Horse Industry Handbook Updates
When you buy a Horse Industry Handbook, it includes the latest updates. However, if you’ve had your HIH for a while you might consider ordering subsequent updates to keep all your information current.

2011 update:
235 pages on Nutrition, Management and Equine Business. Price $29
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2007 update:
New articles on horse health and management, diseases and genetics. Price $9
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2004 update:
42 articles on breeds of horses, equestrian disciplines, and organizations serving the horse industry. The 1999 update on Horse Health and Management is also included. Price: $9
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2003 update:
Articles on common feet and lower leg problems of the horse, bandaging the equine limb, managing manure and equine diseases. Price: $9
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Youth Leader’s Manual:
A companion book of fun activities and lesson plans. (Also available on a searchable CD.)
With or without the Horse Industry Handbook, this book is an indispensable must-have for youth leaders. Filled with 60 lesson plans on three skill levels, designed to teach responsible horse care and valuable life skills for all breeds and disciplines. Price: $39 (print)  $29 (CD)
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Start with Safety: Horse Safety Guidelines
A must-have around the barn. The safety manual covers a wide variety of topics in a concise and fun format. A great resource for beginners to provide consistent guidelines and save time. Price: $9
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Injury Free Horse Book, by Amanda Sutton; photography by Bob Languish
A practical owner’s guide for basic evaluation of the health and condition of your horse and a health care regimen for injury prevention. Hardcover, spiral-bound, 160 pages, with 200 full-color photos and 40 line drawings. Normally retails for $27.50. Your price through AYHC: $19
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Impact of Equine Activities on Youth Development Research Report
This 16-page, full-color gloss research report outlines the findings from the groundbreaking research conducted in partnership between AYHC and Penn State University. The report gives full details on its findings, including research that shows that youth involved with equine programs have higher life skills than those who do not, plus many additional benefits. This report is invaluable for leaders who wish to underscore the importance and effectiveness of their work. Price: $9
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Youth Leaders Manual
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The following brochures are available for free download  

Starting a Youth Horse Club
Horse Career Possibilities
Basic Horse Care
Selecting the Right Horse for Youth or Adults
Approaching a Horse Safely 
Leading Your Horse
Tying Your Horse
Safely Handling a Horse on the Ground

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